The Best Embroidery in Baton Rouge

With 25 years of embroidery experience, The Creative Touch team takes pride in its ability to produce quality stitching and design on every product.

From the moment you step into our store, you are greeted with colorful threads, friendly staff members, and adorable items that are ready to be personalized.

We work with individuals, groups, and corporations to ensure everyone has a chance to gift beautiful items. Our collection of threads, fabrics, and products ensures you find something for everyone at our workshop.

We Know Embroidery

At The Creative Touch, quality stitching is our love and great customer service is our aim. After gaining years of experience, we know how different materials act, how threads behave, and how needles respond to each fabric. With a mastery of each stitch style and our expert-level knowledge, we fashion the best embroidery in Louisiana.

Our embroidery work is always aligned and crisp so it lays flat and doesn’t pull the fabric in anyway. We dedicate ourselves to producing only the best stitching because we know your item is special to you and carefully chosen for wonderful reasons.

We Welcome Challenges

The Creative Touch is confident in all of its embroidery and vinyl services and will accept the requests no one else will. We have embroidered leather, fur, and antique fabrics with poise and accuracy throughout the years and will be happy to assist you as well.

Contact us with your embroidery request